Jammin'Jars 2 - a huge, colorful slot machine

Jammin'Jars 2

In June 2021, the second version of the game Jammin' Jars was created. Jammin' Jars 2 is a huge, colorful slot machine by Push Gaming. This game is the best in every aspect and has delighted gamblers from all over the world. The first game Jammin' Jars introduced players to the joys of bouncing Wild Jar multipliers on the game board. Jammin' Jars 2 has inherited all the best from the first version, doubling every element.

All actions take place at a real disco. On the left side of the game grid is DJ Giga Jar, who serves not only as a DJ but also plays an important role in the bonus game. The club is designed in a theme reminiscent of a night establishment, with neon tones resembling a Miami party. The DJ spins jazz-style soundtracks behind the console, creating the perfect atmosphere for relaxing and sipping cocktails at the bar counter.

slot machine Jammin'Jars 2

The betting range of the Jammin' Jars 2 slot machine is from 10 cents to 100 dollars per spin. The machine offers a lighter game with frequent but not large winnings. Larger winnings can be obtained in the bonus game. Jammin' Jars 2 uses an RTP configuration with a winning percentage of 96.4%.

The key rule for winning combinations is landing a cluster of 5 identical symbols vertically or horizontally. Ripe, shiny fruits - watermelons, pineapples, pomegranates, and berries - are used as the paying symbols. The Wild Jam Jar symbol helps fill the clusters with paying symbols. When a winning combination occurs, the jam jars move to another random position. They also introduce a multiplier that increases by +1 for each paying combination.

Jammin'Jars 2 bonus

In the Jammin'Jars 2 slot machine, there is also a bonus game in the form of free spins: Fluid Blast, Giga, as well as cascading spins, instant prize symbols, and golden vinyl symbols. In order to activate the cascading spins feature, the winning combination is removed from the game board to make room for new symbols, while the symbols adjacent to the winning combination are also involved. This leads to consecutive wins on a single spin.

Jammin'Jars 2 spins

In Jammin'Jars 2, there is a coin collection feature that can increase the bet up to ×1000. When landing 3 or more jars with Wild Jars jam, the player is awarded 6 free spins.

The Jammin'Jars 2 slot significantly surpasses its first version, increasing the winning amount up to 50,000 times, and the machine's nightclub-themed design with a DJ guarantees a fun time.

Jammin'Jars 2 feature complete

Based on the above-mentioned - we draw a conclusion

Jammin'Jars 2 inherited all the features of the first game, the coin collection mechanism from Razor Shark, and added other new features. This was done to make the game more recognizable and more advanced. The entire ambiance, neon lights of a nightclub, a DJ playing pleasant music behind the turntables, who also performs other functions in the additional Giga Spins games. The bonus game in Jammin'Jars 2 significantly surpasses the total winnings of its first version due to jars with jam that increase regular winnings one after another. Two jars at the same time are already good, and three is already super profitable. In the second version of the game, Push Gaming also added instant prize blocks in Giga Spins with huge winning combinations. Anyone who wants to join the game can use the PC version as well as the mobile version. There is also an opportunity to play the free game by using the demo version. Thanks to high-quality, vibrant graphics, a high winning percentage, and simple rules, Jammin'Jars 2 game is very popular among gamblers.

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